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The Centre of Things Ngā Puna Raranga

From blackwork to beads the work in The Centre of Things / Ngā Puna Raranga, the 2018 National Embroidery Exhibition is varied and impressive. A selected exhibition, the pieces included exemplify an understanding of the themes of the exhibition, express originality and display skill.

The Association of New Zealand Embroiderers’ Guilds (ANZEG) is the parent organisation for 59 embroiderers’ guilds around New Zealand. Their overall aim is to encourage embroidery in all its forms, innovation in design and excellence in stitching.  Every two years guilds from across the country gather for the Biennial Conference, National Embroidery School and the National Exhibition. The themes of the 2018 exhibition, inspired by Nelson as ‘The Centre of New Zealand’, include –

Hardcore / Taiorere
Contemporary work that is original in concept and design. This section was open to all textile artists.

Centre of My World / Rito o te Ao
Open to all textile artists, these pieces are traditional embroideries that are original in concept.

Nucleus / Tumu
The Founders Award, this section includes the work of members of a Guild affiliated to Association of New Zealand Embroiderers’ Guilds that adheres to strict criteria of mounting and size.

Where The Heart Is / Toko Manawa
Individual and group work by all young textile artists under the age of 18.

The individual vision and expertise of each maker is evident and has come together to create a beautiful and diverse exhibition. Pieces range from emotionally rich to technically astonishing, bright and humorous to monochromatic and poignant, each infused with the spirit, passion and talent of New Zealand’s finest textile artists.