Spring School Holiday Program

Week 1: Suter Holiday Art Program
Tutor Jennie Bate
6-12 year olds,
$220 per week or $70 per day
30 Sept–  4 Oct, Mon – Fri 9-3pm,
Moa eggs and Haast’s Eagle heads… We will be making fossils and giant eggs based on the birds that existed in Aotearoa long before we did.
Inspired by Jay Hutchinson’s exhibition on thrown away and forgotten items, we will be creating characters and puppets from old socks, lost buttons, loose thread and found fabrics.
Magic marbling. We will be using a range of medias from shaving cream to milk to explore the world of marbling.
Springtime art. Each artist will gather inspiration from the Queens gardens to create an art work master piece using their favourite media.
Inspired by Alexis Neal and Elke Finkenauer’s exhibition, we will be exploring weaving using a range of materials.

Week 2: Be an artist for a week
Tutor Larisse Hall
7-12 year olds
7-11 Oct, Mon – Fri, 9-3pm,
$235 for full week, includes all art materials, tuition, graduation certificate, morning tea and exhibition opening

”The Fantastical Tea Party invites Friends”
Extending Light Nelson 2018's Fantastical Tea Party, students will fully immerse in creating for a week. Exploring the theme of 'party', students will create their unique and individual 'bestie' to attend. These 'besties' will be the honoured guests at the final mini exhibition / display of students work. This will take place on the last day, with students, family and friends invited to attend the opening of their very own Fantastical Tea Party.

The week will start with imaginative brain storming and concept development. Progressing into sketching and printing of friend possibilities in preparation for construction in 3D form. Using wire and recycling found objects, the imagined 'bestie' will come to life, partying with glow in the dark paint and black light. These 'friends' will be the honoured guests at our Fantastical Tea Party.

Students will be encouraged to explore their unique and individual idea's while learning new techniques and creative skills, in a fun and friendly environment of like minded people. With the Queens Gardens to hand and The Suter Galleries at our door, inspiration will abound.

'I wish this was a school and I could go to it all the time!'  Quoted from the last 'Artist for a Week' program 2017, Arlo 10yrs

A special exhibition on Friday afternoon will showcase student work. Family and friends warmly invited.

Call The Suter for bookings. 03 548 4699

Photo credit, below image:
Larisse Hall art class in prep for The Fantastical Tea Party 2018
The Fantastical Tea Party by Larisse Hall, Light Nelson 2018