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Us, Us, Us

Josephine Cachemaille has spent months engaging with The Suter collection, forging relationships with and between a vast array of artworks as well as the systems, equipment and environment in which they live. Us, Us, Us animates these interactions within the gallery walls revealing that which is so often hidden.

Creating objects that sit alongside items from the collection, Cachemaille’s interventions are hard and soft, comforting and questioning, quasi-spiritual and unquestionably funny. Framing, caging, positioning and exposing forgotten or iconic artworks, she creates training and therapy-like aids that illuminate the collection in playful and spirited ways. Paintings are freed from the walls to lounge in three dimensions, ceramics hold court, while arrows and fingers point the way. 

Breaking down the barriers that literally and figuratively separate ‘us’ and ‘them’ Us, Us, Us  is a rallying cry or hissed incantation, a chant that asks us to find new ways of experiencing objects that are loaded with energy,  meaning, culture and history. Cachemaille inverts the traditional paradigms in which these items are displayed to legitimise the privileged hierarchies of art. Instead she creates a visual language which uncovers the multitude of collective and individualistic ways in which art collections can be understood as alive.  

The digital catalogue that accompanies this exhibition can be found here.

Earlier Event: June 3