The Suter has a collection of local, national and international art.  Highlights of the collection include:

New Zealand ’s largest collection of watercolours by the the nineteenth century landscape artist, John Gully (1819-1888)

A representative collection of works by Sir Mountford Tosswill Woollaston KB (1919-1998), one of the founders of modern art in New Zealand.

Examples of British modernism including paintings by William Gear, Ivon Hitchens and Bryan Wynter.

A significant collection of works by ceramic artists of national and local renown .

Visit the NZ Museums website to learn more about a star selection of art works from The Suter's collection.

Image captions (in order of appearance):

John Gully (1819 - 1888).  Western Coast of Tasman Bay 1885.  Watercolour on paper 910 x 1480 mm.  Purchased by public subscription in 1885 as the first painting of a public art collection in Nelson.

Toss Woollaston (1910 - 1998).  Motueka Harbour 1970.  Oil on hardboard 995 x 1300 mm.  Presented by the Peter Stuyvesant Trust, London in 1971.

Jane Evans (1946 - 2012)).  Saturday Afternoon I 1976.  Oil and acrylic on board 603 x 756 mm.  Presented by the estate of Amelia R. Roe in 2004.

Irvine Major (1922 - 2000).  Summer in Nelson 1960.  Oil on canvas 896 x 927 mm.  Purchased in 2001.

Charlotte Sadd (1866 - 1937).  Rocks Road in the making 1893.  Oil on board 375 x 536 mm.  Bequeathed by artist in 1937.

Charles Blomfield (1848 - 1926).  Fifeshire Rock 1871.  Oil on board 378 x 477 mm.  Bequeathed by Mr B.H. Sharp of New Plymouth in 1981.

F.V. Hall (1897 - 1987).  The Inlet, Monaco 1952.  Oil on canvas on panel 721 x 873 mm.  Presented by Miss Brenda de Butts in 1973.

Toss Woollaston (1910 - 1998).  Kiln near Riwaka 1971.  Watercolour on paper 268 x 348 mm.  Gifted by the artist in 1979.

Marjorie Naylor (1908 - 1985).  Golden Bay from Takaka Hill, Nelson.  Watercolour on paper 446 x 579 mm.  Bequeathed by the artist in 1985.  

A star selection of Suter collection art works are catalogued on the NZ Museums website.

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